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This page displays an up-to-date listing of changes to the SRCE model and this website. The information listed here includes, postings of version updates, scheduled releases, or problems and solutions that may affect all users. When problems reported by users get fixed, we’ll place a notice here, along instructions for the fix.

Updated December 20, 2018
Minor fixes to Beta 01

During the first year of the Beta release of Version 2.0 a few minor errors were found in the model. Where these affected the function of the model, we have fixed the model and released new version. These updates include:

  • Beta 01a – fixed an error that resulted in miscalculation of equipment and labor costs for seeding in the Yards and Landfills modules. (04 October 2018)
  • Beta 01b – fixed an error that resulted in miscalculation liner installation in the Sediment Pond module. (25 October 2018)
  • Beta 01c – modified the function of the Calculate Model button on the Schedule worksheet to address an issue reported by a user that many of the cells in the upper portion of the schedule would report a #VALUE error. This was then transferred to the Acct Codes sheet. Clicking the Calculate Model button, will fix this problem if it occurs. (10 December 2018)
  • Beta 01d – fixed a formula error in the waste rock dump labor costs and allows labor and equipment revegetation costs to be empty in the cost data file without causing a #NA error in all revegetation cost tables. (20 December 2018)
  • Beta 01e – fixed a formula error in the waste rock dump revegetation labor costs. (21 February 2019)

Updated November 30, 2017

SRCE 2.0 Beta Release is available!

After several years of development, SRCE 2.0 is finally ready for release as a beta version. Although our beta test team has been testing this extensively version for the last few months, we are releasing this as a beta version and users should be aware that there may still be issues with this version.

This new version of SRCE includes new features, updated equipment fleets and numerous enhancements. The key new features include:

  • Detailed scheduling at the activity level
  • User defined general chart of accounts (facility/activity type)
  • Automatic filtering by cost estimate type Life-of-Mine (LOM), Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) and Financial Assurance (FA).
  • Filtering by facility/activity type and three user-defined filter categories
  • Greater control over productivity calculations
  • User overrides for haul cycle times
  • Addition of a second cover layer in all major modules and the ability to crush, screen and/or compact all cover layers
  • A module to calculate the total number of hours by year for most equipment used in a model
  • A mobilization/demobilization module
  • The ability to schedule multiple water/soil/rock/vegetation/air sampling categories
  • A number of graphs suitable for presentations
  • User selected currency symbols (not currency conversions)
  • Changeable User Sheet names
  • Multi-line delete function
  • Easy to use form-based Table of Contents
  • Ability to hide unused sheets
  • A form-based multi-sheet print utility
  • User overrides for fuel use
  • Updated equipment specifications and productivity curves based on the 2017 Caterpillar Performance Handbook (CPH) (ed. 47)
  • Improved performance of most modules and macro functions

This version will not import models from previous versions. However, based  on our experience during testing with some very large models, a manual import effort from Version 1.4 typically does not take more than an hour.

This version only works in Excel 2013 or later.

This version HAS NOT YET BEEN APPROVED for use in preparing financial assurance cost estimates in Nevada.