Mine Closure Cost Estimator (MCCE) – a simplified version of SRCE

This page contains a link to download the simplified version of SRCE 2.0 called Mine Closure Cost Estimator (MCCE).

The MCCE model is not intended to replace SRCE, but rather provides a simplified version of some of the basic elements of SRCE for users who do not want all the features of SRCE.

MCCE uses the same first principles approach used by SRCE, but does not include many of the features, options, and functionality of SRCE, and requires more effort on the part of the user to estimate quantities required by the model.

Although MCCE can provide a reasonable cost estimate with sufficient input from the user, we recommend that most users continue to utilize SRCE for most applications because it has a number of options and features that are not included in MCCE that can assist the user in preparing a better cost estimate.

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MCCE Version 1.0.1

This version fixes an error that resulted in zero material costs being calcualted for revegetation if "None" was selected for mulch.
This is a simplified version of SRCE based on SRCE 2.0. It has limited functionality, but still uses the same first principles to do most of the productivity calculations - unlike other simple models that use a standardized unit cost approach.
This version only works in Excel 2010 or later.
This model IS NOT INTENDED for use in preparing financial assurance cost estimates in Nevada. If you plan to prepare a reclamation bond cost estimate for use in the STATE OF NEVADA you should use SRCE VERSION 1.4.1 Build 17 (available on the SRCE Downloads page of this website).

Format: .xlsm (3.45 MB)
Last update: 11 January 2021

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