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LAST UPDATE: December 24, 2014


The issues with this version are documented on this page based on testing and/or user bug reports.

If you experience a problem with the SRCE Model, please fill out and submit a bug report form.

For suggestions, or requests for improvements, please use our suggestion form.


Version 1.4.1


All the SRCE buttons stopped working. Why?

After installing Microsoft Office Security Update (MS14-082) form controls (including all of the buttons in SRCE) may not be working properly. Once this update is applied, either because Windows Update is set to update all Microsoft application or you select update manually, the SRCE buttons will stop working and the model will no longer be functional.

If you are experiencing this problem, please follow these instructions:

1. Close all Office applications.

2. Do a search in Windows Explorer [make sure to include hidden and system files and folders] for *.exd files (note: that's not *.exe !!) and delete any you find.

Make sure you get these:



3. Reboot the computer (this is not always necessary, but probably better safe than sorry)

4. Restart your Office apps and test the controls again.

We believe that Microsoft is aware of this problem and will resolve it shortly. When they do, we will post a notice.

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I see a #REF! error message in the Backfill Equipment Fleet column in the Shafts cost table. Does this affect the numbers?

No. This column simply copies the names of the equipment used in the selected truck fleet found in the Fleets & Crews worksheet. It does not affect any calculations in the model. This will be fixed in the next version.

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When using a dozer to push backfill into a Process Pond, the push distance is the full width of the pond, not 1/2 the width of the pond.

The dozing distance that should be used when the user selects a dozer as the pond backfill method is 1/2 the width of the pond because a dozer would push from each side, not all the way across the width of the pond. A formula error has been found that causes the model to use the full width of the pond for the push distance unless the pond width is less than 200 ft (61 m).

If the pond width is less than 200 ft (61 m) the model uses 100 ft (30 m) because the dozer productivity dramatically increases at dozing distances less than 100 ft (30 m). This makes the calculation a bit conservative for ponds with widths of less than 200 ft (61 m).

To work around this bug until it is fixed in the next model version, you can adjust the length and width of a pond so that the area remains the same, but the width entered into the model is closer to 1/2 the actual width of the pond. This will keep the volumes and area calculations, but result in the correct dozing distance being used. If your pond has a width greater than 400 ft (122 m), you can simply double the length of your pond and halve the width. If not, you need to adjust the length and width so that the width is at least 200 ft (61 m). This will not provide an perfect solution, but it should be better than entering the full pond width.

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Information on bug reports and suggestions may be shared with the contributors to the Nevada Standardized Unit Cost Project to assist us in future development planning. However, this information will not be shared with other parties or used for marketing purposes.



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